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Updated my Anastasia cosplay!! I got a better crown, got the music box (that actually plays Once Upon a December), and got the necklace that says “Together in Paris!” It was super fun to wear this at Otakon this year 8)


" Im Usagi Tsukino, 16 years old and a bit rash and a crybaby, but Im actually the agent for love and justice, SAILOR MOON!"

Usagi / Photographer / Mamoru

IM SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS PICS ;A; Sailor moon is so so important to me and I love being her! I cant wait to take more pictures in my sailor suit with Lindsay as tuxedo mask, I cant imagine cosplaying sailor moon with anybody but my closest friends so I cant wait for more shoots in the future u//v//u




Becoming Grinchy

[Progress/Cosplay by Hee-Hee from Twinzik]




Live Action Homestuck [x]

Gifset time! All of the trolls in our live action video! Tried my best to make them loop with the glitch edits.

Karkat -

Aradia -

Sollux -

Nepeta -

Terezi -

Vriska -

Eridan -

Feferi -

Say what you will about the Homestuck fandom but waking up to all these notes is seriously crazy. Hello new followers! Make sure to click the link and go check out our original video :)

look its me nepeta :33

watch the video!! and subscribe!!

We all know how Sailor V rolls..


”In fact, we’ve hardly spoken in weeks! Not since you gave me that nice dress.
That was gr8, remember that? What happened to all that? You used to meddle and fuss over me all the time. It was annoying, 8ut kinda fun!”

-from this

Vriska | Kanaya | Photo




People like to tell you who you’re gonna be

It’s not my problem if you don’t see what I see

And I do not give a damn if you do not believe.

This is my finished Fancy Dreamer Vriska cosplay! I debuted it at Fanime this year and I’m super proud of it.





Mirai Nikki (未来日記) ~ Yuno Gasai (我妻由乃)

A girl in the middle of nowhere, trying to get somewhere, not knowing exactly why...and bleeding rainbows, riding a pony, in a frilly dress. :3

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