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Fubiz has assembled a gallery of The Most Beautiful Cherry Blossom Photos of 2014 that lives up to its name. Check it out for more beautiful blossoms and click on the images for photo credits.


hey guys!! other than kpop2uniqso also asked me to host monthly giveaways for you guys which means each month, there will be 4 people that will get a free pair of circle lenses!!

im glad there’s more winners now since i get to review things because of my followers, so im trying to give back as much as i can to you guys!!


  • a pair of circle lenses (with or without prescription) from the 10$ category from or any pair of lenses from
  • free contact lens case
  • tracking numbers will be provided


  • must be following me because these are hosted for my followers^^
  • giveaway blogs are not eligible to participate or win
  • don’t delete this text or you’ll automatically be disqualified
  • your ask box should be opened so i can message you if you win!!
  • i will pick four winners with rafflecopter
  • the winners will be given 24 hours to reply to my ask, if i dont get any reply then new winners will be chosen
  • if you are under 18, please ask your parents/guardian for permission because i will be asking for your address, full name, and phone numbers if you win
  • giveaway ends April 30th (8:30pm MST)

✧・゚:*╰(◕ヮ◕╰) ENTER HERE (╯◕ヮ◕)╯*:・゚✧ 


  • if you’re planning on purchasing from uniqso, you can use my discount code “pinktokki" when you check out and you’ll get 10% off!!




Mama Fury on waking up the Avengers.

(Source: Imgur)


I don’t think there will ever come a time when I won’t reblog this.


Spring Outfits 


Thank you everyone for all the amazing support! You have all been so kind and thoughtful! I would love to give back to you so I am hosting this giveaway for my followers!

This giveaway is for up to $75 worth of goods from your choice of Bodyline, Anna House or Fan plus Friend (+ reasonable shipping)!

The winner will get to choose which store they would like their prize from, and can pick as many or as few items as long as they add up to less than $75. I will also cover reasonable shipping costs. (Less than $40)

And no, sorry you cannot order more than $75 worth of goods if you choose Bodyline’s free air shipping.

Or if you prefer, you could get a $75 giftcard for F+F to put towards a more expensive purchase (Ghostbride, anyone?)

I am willing to communicate with F+F or Anna House concerning custom sizing/colours but be aware that this will add extra cost to the item and you will have to share your measurements with me. :)

Obviously you will only be able to choose items which are in stock or available!

***** This Giveaway is in no way affiliated with Tumblr or any of the stores mentioned! *****


Must be following me ( laceratedreality ) - this giveaway is for my followers after all :)

No giveaway blogs, this is for real followers only!

Enter by reblogging - likes do not count

Reblog as text not a link, so other people can see and possibly enter :)

All my already existing followers will be given an extra entry as a thank-you!

Winner can only be in a country that Anna House/Bodyline/Fan + Friend ship to (sorry)

Winner will be chosen by a random number generator

MUST be over 18 and/or have parent/guardian permission - seriously if you are not allowed to enter please refrain from doing so!

MUST be willing to share name/email/home address/possibly measurements if applicable

MUST have ask box open so I can contact you

Winner will be chosen on  Monday June 30th (Australia)

Winner will be publicly announced as well as messaged via Tumblr

Winner will have one week to respond, otherwise somebody else will be chosen

** Post will be edited if I forgot anything ** :)

♥ Bec ♥




It’s been over two weeks since mankind failed to vote for “Persephone” as a name for one of Pluto’s moons - my way of coping with the disappointment was drawing Hades’ reaction, obviously.

this is adorable


A girl in the middle of nowhere, trying to get somewhere, not knowing exactly why...and bleeding rainbows, riding a pony, in a frilly dress. :3

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